Tantrické masáže


In this unique massage, we encourage you to unleash your inner courage and allow yourself to be carried away by the flow of touch and energy. Our masseuse creates an intimate connection and helps you discover erotic zones, which can lead to a deep and satisfying culmination of your desires. The entire process is conducted with respect and skill, exclusively using hands, which The experience is focused on your comfort and exploration of your own sexuality.


45 min – 80 Eur
60 min – 100 Eur


Tantrické masáže


The tantric body-to-body massage is a unique therapeutic experience where the naked body of the tantric masseuse, covered in hot oil, is utilized. You will feel the warm embrace of her naked body as it gracefully moves across yours, not just with touches of her hands, but also with the smooth sliding of her entire body, which will warm you from the heart. Similar to classic tantra, you are solely the recipient, and the massage is one-way. In this intense experience, you are completely guided by the tantric masseuse, who provides you with tangible pleasure and focuses on revitalizing your body and soul.


45 min – 100 Eur
60 min – 120 Eur
90 min – 150 Eur



Mutual Tantra massage offers a unique experience of relaxation and full-body release. Celebrate the harmony of connection with the masseuse through sensitive touches and discover a new dimension of pleasure. Your active participation in the process contributes to intensifying the experience, creating an unforgettable relaxing atmosphere for both body and mind. Mutual massage provides space for touches all over the masseuse's body, while it's important to respect boundaries. Touching intimate parts of the masseuse is possible only upon mutual agreement with the specific masseuse on-site, but it is not assumed and solely depends on her consent.


45 min – 130 Eur
60 min – 150 Eur
90 min – 180 Eur
120 min – 220 Eur


Before the massage itself, enjoy a shared shower with your attractive masseuse. It's an intimate moment where gentle touches and attentive care create the ideal atmosphere for the upcoming experience. The masseuse will lovingly and meticulously provide you with a relaxing start, preparing you for deep relaxation during the massage itself.

60 min – 180 Eur
90 min – 220 Eur
120 min – 240 Eur



In our special program, your experience begins with a refreshing Prosecco and a sensual shower, setting the stage for your intimate adventure. In the exciting atmosphere of the shared shower, you'll start to explore mutual touches, which are the harmony of your shared pleasure. In the unforgettable ritual of tantric ecstasy, your sensual experience deepens with each moment. You have the opportunity to enjoy not just one, but two unforgettable lingam massages. The first can take place during the shower, adding excitement and intimacy to your bathing scene. The second, including the lingam massage at the end, is your path to double ecstasy. The choice is yours to enjoy this unique experience exactly as it suits you.


60 min – 200 Eur
90 min – 250 Eur
120 min – 300 Eur
150 min – 360 Eur


Tantrické masáže


Designed for couples who crave shared relaxation or want to spice up their sex life, 'Couple Tantra' offers a sensual experience for both. Reviving your relationship and connecting with your partner through tantric techniques and intimate moments is the goal of this program. With chilled wine and a romantic atmosphere, we create the perfect environment for your quality time together. Deep oil full-body massages and mutual massages contribute to relaxation and sensory awakening. Your comfort, relaxation, and mutual ecstasy are at the center of our care.


90 min – 300 Eur
120 min – 340 Eur
150 min – 380 Eur


Tantrické masáže


As part of our tantric massages, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a four-handed experience. Pleasant sensations are doubled as your satisfaction is taken care of by a well-coordinated pair of masseuses. This unique approach contributes to an even more intense and satisfying tantric experience, where your pleasure and relaxation are doubled.


Body-to-body Mutual Double passion
60 min - 180 Eur
90 min - 230 Eur
120 min - 280 Eur
60 min - 220 Eur
90 min - 270 Eur
120 min - 320 Eur
150 min - 370 Eur
90 min - 340 Eur
120 min - 390 Eur
150 min - 420 Eur




Enter the world of sensuality and discover a technique that awakens hidden sources of pleasure. Prostate massage is a path to indescribable bliss, requiring the courage to overcome prejudices and explore new dimensions of happiness. Many men yearn for this experiential journey, which offers unforgettable excitement. Let yourself be seduced by this intense path to profound satisfaction that will continue to allure you.

PRICE:  +40EUR (This option is available only as an additional service to a massage. It cannot be undertaken separately.)